Flashlights are used by armed forces and security personnel in various situations. There are different types of flashlight models you can pick from. However, the utility and popularity of tactical flashlights cannot be matched by the other variants easily.


What is it?

Basically, a tactical flashlight is a flashlight made for tactical use. Many of these flashlights are made to e batched on top of a weapon to aid low light shooting. These units are smaller in size compared to traditional flashlights, emit intense light and are made of durable aluminum for rough usage. They are used by military forces, cops, and similar armed forces. However, in certain situations, they can be beneficial for the mass as well.


Things to check when buying tactical lights

There are plenty of tactical flashlight models on the market nowadays.  However, not all of these are equipped with same features. There are a number of things that you should check when buying these devices.

  • Material– A lot of tactical flashlights is made of durable aluminum that can withstand rough usage for years. However, you will also find model built with a mix of metal and rugged plastic. These models can withstand knocks and bumps for a long time.
  • Varying modes– The Tactical flashlights usually have varying modes of operation. This helps the users change from one mode to another when on move. You can adjust the intensity of beam and range by using dial or switch based controls. This can be helpful in various situations.
  • Useful features– Some models can come with inbuilt features you will find useful. Side switch to activate the beam is commonplace. However, in some models, you may get features like battery life indicator and power indicator. Some devices may have colored filters with which you can create red or blue-hued light. A number of such devices come with anti-roll head so that you can keep them on surfaces easily. Buying models with anti-slip rubberized grip are also useful. You can find a few models with the anti-scratch surface as well. Anodized aluminum is the ideal material in this regard.
  • Weather resistance– This is a must-have feature in these flashlights. A waterproof and moisture proof device can be used all through the year without issues. You can use such searchlights in the intense rain and foggy weather conditions without hassles. These devices also do not get affected by exposure to heat and dust.
  • Type of build– Earlier lights models were laden with standard luminescent bulbs but nowadays you can find units fitted with latest Led bulbs. Just like household usage, LED-based units have a longer lifespan than regular bulb based models.
  • Hard bezel– It is better that you buy such a flashlight with a bezel made of hardened metal. This will allow you to use the product as a striking weapon in darkness. In close combats, you need not use a stick or anything else to take the targeted person down if you have a flashlight with the hardened bezel. In fact, even women can use it to safeguard themselves from possible molesters in tricky situations.
  • Rechargeable or disposable battery-based unit– Not all such model are rechargeable in nature. You may buy rechargeable ones or disposable battery-based units- based on need.
  • Luminosity level– This is a parameter you need to analyze before buying a tactical flashlight. A device with 80 lumens brightness may be okay for emitting blinding a person temporarily. However, ideally, you should buy a device with lumens range of 300-400.
  • Warranty– Like another type of flashlights, these devices are also sold with warranty. Buy a device with a long warranty to be on safe side.
  • Weight– Not every person may require a heavyweight searchlight. These devices come in various sizes and can range from a few ounces to a few pounds.
  • Bundled stuff– Not all such products are sold with similar accessories and apparatus. Some models are sold with batteries and charger and with some others, you may also get packs for carrying. Occasionally, you may find brands packing in additional batteries as freebies.
  • Recharging method– Some models of such flashlights come with the wired unit for recharging the batteries. However, some models can also be charged via USB port. It is up to the comfort level of the user.
  • Reviews– Like anything you buy, reading reviews of such lights can be helpful before placing the order. The web reviews can be helpful but you need to know what your usage needs while looking for reviews are. A device meant for military usage may be overkill for a casual or home user.
  • Price– Like any other flashlight device you buy, the price of a tactical flashlight will depend on its features and functionality. The bundled stuff also have a direct impact on the price. However, you may be able to find a good deal when you buy several such lights together- especially online.


Where and when tactical searchlights can be used

These lights can be used in a number of critical situations. These include:

  • These flashlights are used by armed forces to track down escaping hooligans, robbers and different types of miscreants in various difficult situations. When the cops or armed forces want to locate criminals hiding beneath buildings, trees or vegetation in dimly lit areas, using such devices can be handy.
  • These flashlights are ideal for use in close combat situations. When the cops or military personnel have to fight robbers or militants in close combat scenarios-they can use ruggedly built flashlights as handy weapons and substitutes for sticks. The flashing beam, when put in eyes of such a miscreant, can make him blind for a few seconds and the user can take advantage of the situation.
  • These flashlights are portable and lightweight. So, when you need to participate in search and rescue operations, taking these can prove to be useful. You can put them in any bag and move around will not be tough. You do not even need any permit to use these unlike guns and firing weapons.
  • These flashlights are useful for seeing and illuminating things in places where using wired lights can prove to be risky. Examples include places like large warehouses where the floor is wet or waterlogged. If a place gets waterlogged owing to plumbing woes or flooding, such lights can be used to examine things without jeopardizing safety.
  • These devices can be used in outdoors where you are away from civilization and proximity to wildlife is possible. If you are camping near forest or mountain region and a wild animal sneaks in, this can be used to scare off the animal. You can also see anything in the nearby region by flashing the beam easily. Those who are into adventure activities like hiking and trekking can also find these devices quite useful.
  • In certain work environments, using these flashlights is important. At large scale mining setups, construction projects these can be used for workers to eliminate safety risks.
  • These devices can be used in warfare too. Soldiers can make use of these devices as part of a survival kit.


The accessories you will need

While buying a tactical flashlight you need to buy certain types of accessories as well. These can be useful in different scenarios- as it is.

  • Holster– The flashlights can be carried in all places if you carry them in armor like holsters. These can be put in backpacks easily.
  • Mounts– The mounts for these flashlights can be quite handy. These can be fixed on weapons, helmets, car hoods, boats etc with special brackets and mounts. Popular Tactical searchlight models

If you are looking for a suitable tactical searchlight model, for the first time, choosing the right one may be a tad hard. Below listed are a few popular models you can consider your needs. The Streamlight 88032 is ideal for those looking for compact and durable tactical flashlight. It has C4 LED technology for emitting bright light. It is made of machined aircraft aluminum. It is waterproof with a range of 1 meter. There are separate modes and an impact-resistant tempered glass is there. You have to use 2 AA alkaline batteries.

  • SureFire G2X is sold in 6 hues and has a brightness limit of 320 lumens. It’s tough Nitrolon body and anodized aluminum bezel makes it ideal for use in self-defense. The indestructible LED light emitter is another USP you may think of. Its brightness range is 400 lumens.
  • EcoGear FX Tactical is sold with inbuilt Zoom Function and as many as 5 light modes. It comes with rapid battery charger station and 2x rechargeable batteries. The military grade Aluminum is shockproof. It is a bit longer and that helps in getting a solid grip. Durability is not an issue as it is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy. You get a number of free accessories with this unit.

Armed with these tips, you can buy yourself a tactile flashlight that can come in handy just when you need. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your tactile flashlight today!